Meet Amos Pomp: Chalutzim Merakez

Amos Pomp, from Chapel Hill, NC, will return to Camp Judaea this summer as the Chalutzim Merakez. Having joined the CJ family in 2007, this will be his ninth summer spent at camp and his fourth summer as a staff member.

This will be Amos’s third time on the Chalutzim Outward Bound trip, as he participated as a camper in 2012 and as a madrich in 2016. He also completed an 85-day Outward Bound course in Costa Rica in the fall of 2015. Upon the completion of this summer’s Outward Bound trip, Amos will have 115 days of Outward Bound, including 128 solo hours, under his belt. We think he’s pretty qualified for this position.

Amos is a student at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. He enjoys sunny and slightly breezy days, but is looking forward to powering through a few thunderstorms this summer at camp.

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