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See Why Teens are Choosing to Make a Difference with Camp Judaea’s TIKKUN Program!

Impact. Leadership. Bonding.

Sadie helping with a home demolition in Columbia, South Carolina

“Tikkun was a wonderful experience where we got to see how the less fortunate live and the results of natural disasters long term. We as a group were able to help by devoting time and energy to our projects. Building someone’s house was an experience I will not soon forget.”


Joshua working to write a peulah at CJ

“The Tikkun program at Camp Judaea was an experience that I will always treasure. Being able to go hands-on and actually see the change I am making in a person’s life, is so inspiring that I wish I could do it over and over again until everyone is helped. Although it was far away from camp, we still felt like a part of the Camp Judaea community. This opportunity to volunteer allowed me to shift from being a camper to hopefully becoming a counselor and start helping the children at Camp Judaea.”


Skyler (right) and Melissa Stein

“Every summer at CJ, my friends and I learned the importance of supporting one another along with helping our community. During Tikkun we got to utilize these skills and lessons to give back to the community in an intimate and hands on way. I can’t think of a better manner in which to conclude my time as a camper at Camp Judaea. Not only did I bond and grow closer to my best friends, we also got to work together to accomplish something absolutely incredible. My time in South Carolina was the most fulfilling experience I have ever had and I recommend it to anyone looking to push themselves and help those who not only need it, but deserve it.”


Charlie (front) with Jonathan Spier

“Tikkun is a great program to spend your summer in because it requires the leadership that is necessary in order to make the transition from camper to staff. For our experience, five days of the Tikkun program were spent fixing houses that were damaged because of natural disasters in South Carolina, but for the rest of the program we spent our time in camp being the Tikkun role models for all the other little campers spreading אהבה ןתיקון עולם (love and doing good) around Camp Judea. Yes this program was lots of fun, but it also prepared me for my future in being a leader.”


Who: Rising 11th Graders

What: Community Service and Leadership program in partnership with the St. Bernard Project

When: Pick the Session that’s Right for You!

  • First Session: Tuesday, June 11 – Wednesday, June 26, 2019
  • Second Session: Wednesday, July 17 – Thursday, August 1, 2019

Where: Camp Judaea – Columbia, SC – Asheville, NC- Hendersonville, NC