Israeli Culture

Israeli Culture

Israeli Culture

Ivrit (Hebrew language)

Campers learn conversational Hebrew through fun and exciting games and activities that teach them useful phrases and words. From learning the names of different clothing articles while playing a clothing relay race to learning the names of the food that we eat and utensils that we use putting together a Hebrew-only meal, our Ivrit program is a dynamic and hilariously fun activity.

Rikkud (Dancing)

Rikkud is a traditional favorite activity at our Camp. Our experienced dance instructors teach a mix of modern, traditional folk and jazz dance. Our entire community celebrates each new week with a signature Camp Judaea Israel dance party.

Shira (Music)

Campers love to sing at Camp Judaea! We teach a wide variety of traditional camp and Israeli songs accompanied by piano, guitar and other instruments.

Tsofiut (Scoutcraft)

Campers will learn pioneering skills, outdoor cooking, hiking skills, Leave No Trace ethics, campsite skills, nature lore and more.

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