The Arts

The Arts

The Arts


Everyone at camp has an opportunity to be a part of our theater program and participate in our camp-wide play. Campers have fun while building their self-confidence. Through interactive drama games and improvisational performances, the campers become stars in front of their peers. In addition to acting, campers are eager to help behind-the-scenes with sets, lighting, and sound.

Fine Arts and Crafts

Our experienced Art instructors offer a wide variety of fine arts and craft projects including: glass fusion, pottery, tie-dye, murals, painting, jewelry-making and other metal craft, beading and more. Whether campers are making murals, mosaic, mezuzot, or chamsot, our Omanut Center is always a busy place! Most of our art projects are Judaic or Israel-inspired.

Culinary Arts

One of Camp Judaea’s most popular activities are indoor and outdoor cooking. Our campers love to cook and our culinary lessons offer our campers many insights into the history of their ancestors and modern Israel culture.

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