Health Safety

Health Safety

At Camp Judaea, every activity is planned with "safety first." As an American Camp Association Accredited Camp, we adhere to all standards for safety. All potentially hazardous areas in camp are off-limits to ALL campers. Our pool and waterfront staff members are all certified lifeguards. Lifeguards accompany campers whenever they take part in any water related field trip outside camp grounds. Our stables, pool, and challenge course are situated well away from camp living and activity areas and are off limits without the required staff.

Supervision is a priority and campers are never left alone, even after “lights out.”


Campers are required to wear identifying camp T-Shirts and security bracelets when outside of camp. Campers are always well supervised and not allowed to leave camp for any reason aside from supervised field trips.

Camp Judaea hires security guards to patrol camp every night. All visitors check in at the office and are escorted during their visit.


Full-time medical staff is available at our Health Care Center (Mirpa’ah) and the Camp has access to nearby hospitals and medical specialists. All of our campers must have a completed health file before they arrive at camp so that our Health Care staff can properly service each person.

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