Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

In 2008, Camp Judaea embarked on a $10 million Capital Campaign to revitalize our aging facilities, build new structures and prepare Camp for our future generations. In 2010, Camp Judaea built a beautiful new Amphiteather and renovated our 20-year old kitchen. In 2011, Camp Judaea restored the original Chadar Ochel (dining Hall) into an expansive Israel Culture Center. In the summer of 2013, Camp Judaea opened its first new Cabin Village.

Investing in Camp Judaea’s Capital Campaign is more than making a donation for new buildings. You are making the difference in the lives of children. Your partnership helps CJ preserve our rich heritage while paving the way to a vibrant future that allows the next generation to enjoy Camp Judaea. Click Here to Make a General Donation >

Cabin Campaign Lev Hakfvar, The Heart of the Village

In 2013, Camp Judaea built a new cabin village with five cabins and a central community area. We built these new cabins to replace our aging facilities, increase our capacity, and appeal to a new generation of camp families.

These new cabins are larger and include more space for cabin gatherings, porches, extra bathrooms and better ventilation. The construction of this new Village was made possible through a $1 million, 0% interest building loan from the AviChai Foundation. We need to repay this generosity over the next five years.

Cabin Campaign Pledge Form

Please support the Lev HaKfar Cabin Campaign with one of the many naming opportunities. Your support ensures that future generations will continue to participate in Camp Judaea’s transformational summer experiences.

Leah Zigmond at or
678-436-8821 for more information.

Camp Judaea, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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