Camp Judaea offers a wide variety of fun, engaging and energizing activities (peulot) each session. We offer a rich combination of daily rotational activities, which we know everyone wants to try, and daily elective activities, which campers choose to fit their interests. All of our activities focus on Israel and a well-developed structure of themes based on age and development. Boys and girls in the same grades attend rotational activities together in unit (eda) walking groups.

Outdoor Adventure

Challenge Course and Climbing Tower

The Challenge Course and Climbing Tower area is a carefully planned outdoor learning environment and so much fun! A series of individual and group physical and mental challenges require a combination of teamwork and individual commitment. We have both low and high challenge course elements constructed of rope, cables, and wood. Campers also love our Climbing Tower where they can climb up fifty feet, rappel down, or zip through the woods from the top of the tower. No special skills are required – it is challenge by choice. Activities are structured for everyone to participate at his or her own level, regardless of age, shape, or size. All of our Challenge Course and Climbing elements are inspected regularly and our instructors are ACCT certified annually.


Everyone loves Archery at CJ! Learn proper shooting technique and form, safety precautions and appropriate archery tackle/gear from a National Archery Association certified Instructor. Have fun with a variety of archery games and competitions.


Campers enjoy lake or pool activities every day! Our aquatics staff are all certified American Red Cross Lifeguards and several are Water-Safety Instructors.

Lake Activities

We offer swimming, canoeing, stand-up paddle boards and peddle-boating at our lake as well as a huge aqua-trampoline and a 15 foot aqua-slide.

Swimming Pool Activities

Camp Judaea features a beautiful Junior Olympic swimming pool and large deck area featuring mega-chess for recreational play. We offer instructional swim to younger campers and any who wish to learn to swim better as well as a myriad of recreational swim activities.


Our sports program includes skill development and recreational play in: ga-ga, basketball, tennis, archery, volleyball, soccer, softball, kickball, flag football, no-contact lacrosse and Israeli games. Campers learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Campers have the opportunity to join our elective Premier Leagues to compete in different sports with their team each day. Premier League champions are crowned each session! We also participate in regional inter-camp sports competitions whenever possible.

The Arts


Everyone at camp has an opportunity to be a part of our theater program and participate in our camp-wide play. Campers have fun while building their self-confidence. Through interactive drama games and improvisational performances, the campers become stars in front of their peers. In addition to acting, campers are eager to help behind-the-scenes with sets, lighting, and sound.

Culinary Arts

One of Camp Judaea’s most popular activities are indoor and outdoor cooking. Our campers love to cook and our culinary lessons offer our campers many insights into the history of their ancestors and modern Israel culture.

Fine Arts and Crafts

Our experienced Art instructors offer a wide variety of fine arts in our expansive Mercaz Omanut (Arts Center). With a dedicated wood-shop, a ceramics studio, and an open studio for general arts and crafts, campers explore their creative and artistic side with projects including: glass fusion, pottery, tie-dye, murals, painting, jewelry-making and other metal craft, beading and more. Most of our art projects are Judaic or Israel-inspired like Shabbat candlesticks, Kiddush cups, Challah boards, and chamsot. Our Mercaz Omanut is always a busy place!

Israeli Culture

Gardening and Teva (Nature)

Learn about herbs and spices native to Western North Carolina and in different parts of Israel! Campers love visiting the farm animals on CJ’s very own kibbutz.

Rikkud (Dancing)

Rikkud is a traditional favorite activity at our Camp. Our experienced dance instructors teach a mix of modern, traditional folk and jazz dance. Our entire community celebrates each new week with a signature Camp Judaea Israel dance party.

Shira (Music)

Campers love to sing at Camp Judaea! We teach a wide variety of traditional camp and Israeli songs accompanied by piano, guitar and other instruments.

Tsofiut (Scoutcraft)

Campers will learn pioneering skills, outdoor cooking, hiking skills, Leave No Trace ethics, campsite skills, nature lore and more.