Welcome Back

Do you find yourself reminiscing about hikes up to Mt. Tushy and wondering where the members of your Bogrim shikva are today? Do you miss smelling rocky mountain toast around the campfire? Seeing the sweat drip from your best friend’s face during that crazy rikkud (dance) session? Do most of your fondest memories start with, “Well, this one time at Camp Judaea…”? Are you unafraid to belt out your favorite camp song and break out into a dance in the middle of shopping? If any of these are true, the CJ family will always be your family, Camp Judaea will always be your summer home, and this area of our website is for YOU!

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We are delighted to welcome you back to CJ. We wish you many more unforgettable summers full of joy and laughter with your CJ friends – sharing the times we’ll always treasure!

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Do you have photos to share from past summers at Camp Judaea? Email them or contact us for instructions on how we can obtain them from you. We’ll scan and upload them in a future slideshow and on our Facebook page.

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