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Camp Judaea announces "Teddy Pottruck Day"

Camp Judaea is currently raising funds to upgrade the 60 year old aging facility. The 18 million dollar Capital Campaign includes the renovation of the old dining hall converting it into the future Israel Culture Center, the expansion and renovation of the current dining hall, the construction of 22 new camper cabins, a new Visual Arts Center, Nature Center and the renovation of the current Beit Ha’am (theater building). The upgrades and additions will ensure that Camp Judaea will be around for the future and continue to be a vital Jewish identity building program for all of its campers and staff members.

We are extremely grateful to the Pottruck Family for their generous support our program. Their contribution will go towards the renovation of the current dining hall/kitchen, phase 1 of the Israel Culture Center, and scholarship. Pictured above is Teddy Pottruck receiving a proclamation of “Teddy Pottruck Day” at Camp Judaea. In addition, she received hundreds of camper written notes thanking her for her family’s generosity. Although Teddy and the Pottruck Family have not seen Camp Judaea yet, we hope to host her and her children in the near future.

If your family is interested in investing in the children of Camp Judaea, please contact our office to hear about the naming opportunities.  Together, you and I can change the world, one camper at a time.

Camp Judaea is Going Green

When you meet a camper who participated in our program, you see a child who is equipped with the tools to heal the world. At Camp Judaea, we are dedicated to educating the leaders and citizens of tomorrow on the importance of taking care of the earth today. We teach how to promote sustainability and encourage campers’ efforts at being good neighbors with each other by respecting the environment we all share.

Camp offers a magical socialization environment in which we have an opportunity that no other educational institution can offer. We have a captive audience that is eager to be at camp and learn what we have to offer. Just as we teach Judaism by “living Judaism,” we teach environmentalism by modeling for campers how to incorporate recycling, reducing, reusing and conserving into their daily life.


  • Our campers planted a vegetable garden that they then ate in their salad bar.
  • We learned how to compost food as well as not waste by putting less on your plate
  • We ate on plates – real ones
  • We reduced our landfill trash from 22 bags per day to 6
  • Collected over 200 CFL bulbs that will replace our current less energy efficient bulbs
  • Learned to concerve energy and water
  • We carried water bottles and saved 20 cases of cups that we normally use
  • We recycled everything possible
  • We learned the concept of “leave no trace”

What are YOU doing to heal our earth? Follow our lead!

Why Jewish Camp?

From the Foundation for Jewish Camp Website

Camp presents your child the opportunity to mature and gain independence, to learn social skills, and explore personal interests. At Jewish camp, daily activities are often enriched by Jewish values and the culture of Judaism.

Whether they’re telling stories in their bunks, learning about the environment, or playing kickball, campers explore what Judaism means to them in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment.

At Jewish camp, children will not only develop confidence and social skills; they discover a deep-seated and profound sense of what it means to them to be a Jew.

Campers Become Leaders
The impact of Jewish camp doesn’t end on the last day of summer. Children with pivotal Jewish camp experiences are more likely to become adults who value their Jewish heritage, support Jewish causes, and take on leadership roles in their communities.

Anecdotal and statistical evidence confirm that children who attend Jewish summer camps are more likely than those who did not to join a synagogue or a JCC, support their local federations and become leaders in the community, whether as rabbis, educators, professionals or lay leaders.

Camp Judaea's Newest Video

We spent all of last year putting our heads together to produce the best video that represents our vision for the program and to express what Camp Judaea is all about.  Here is a link to the new CJ video – hot off the press!

Feel free to share the video with friends, family and alumni!

What did our parents say after summer 2009?

At the end of the summer Camp Judaea participated in a customer satisfaction survey through the Foundation for Jewish Camp. The following are some of the quotes that we received from the survey.

  •  “There is no place like Camp Judaea for our children. From the time camp ends they are counting the months and days until they can return”
  • “Providing each child, no matter what observance, with a true sense of Jewish identity and a deep love for Israel.”
  • “CJ allows children who live in areas without a large Jewish population to feel completely included”
  • “Camp Judaea is a very warm and welcoming environment and the children were very open to making new friends. Camp Judaea had excellent communication with parents during the session as well as before and after.”
  • “CJ’s major strength is the feeling that our kids get of being part of a strong and warm Jewish community that brings them comfort and pride and self-esteem.”
  • “The warmth of the overall environment and the feeling that Jewish themes where not just ‘added in’, but where natural in the framework.”
  •  “The kids at the camp are so down to earth and friendly”
  • “It is a fun, low key, comfortable environment. Kids have a great time, develop great friends and instill a sense of being Jewish at the same time still being a summer camp.”

Thank you to everyone that filled out the survey and gave us your thoughts and recommendations.  We really appreciate your participation.

Camp Judaea Amphitheater

Camp Judaea is experiencing a makeover, one brick at a time.

We invite you to be part of a very exciting opportunity by purchasing an engraved brick to lay along the new outdoor amphitheater overlooking the lake at Camp Judaea. Leave your mark on the grounds of Camp and custom design your 8 x 8 brick for $250 and be part of a beautiful addition. The amphitheater will be an open-air venue for theatrical performances, concerts and films. The amphitheater will include a performance-style stage with the audience in front of it surrounded by ascended seating overlooking the lake.

Become a visible part of camp history by honoring a friend or family member, memorializing someone special, or just leave your name as someone who enjoyed camping at Camp Judaea in the past. We only have 500 available bricks to sell and 10,000 family members. Don’t miss this opportunity!


As always, we greatly appreciate your support of Camp Judaea.


Greg Schlam
Development Associate