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Gilad Shalit

Our campers remembered Gilad Shalit on the annyversary of his disapearance. Here is a video created at camp this summer to send to his family in support of his return:

Camp Judaea Cuts Ribbon on Amphitheater

The lake provided a stunning backdrop for the new amphitheater at Camp Judaea in Edneyville as friends, parents, staff and campers gathered Monday to dedicate the new facility.

The amphitheater serves as a tribute to the dedication and vision of several members of the Camp Judaea board.

“It’s not the living room that no one ever uses,” Camp Judaea board member Barbara Extein said. “I want it used morning, noon and night.”

The camp is celebrating its 49th year and is in the middle of an $18 million capital campaign. The amphitheater was the first major project. Camp Judaea also wants to build new cabins, remodel the kitchen and reorganize the layout of the cabins, creating more of a village-like design.

“We are not looking to be ritzy,” board chairman Karen Eisler said. “The cabins are not going to be air conditioned. This is still a rustic camp.”

The camp provides Jewish children a chance to learn about Jewish history and culture, and understand the importance of the state of Israel. They sing songs, participate in camp activities and meet Jewish children from around the country.

The camp operates throughout the summer and is part of a loose network of other Jewish camps in the United States. The population of the camp is 350 to 400 people for both campers and staff.

The amphitheater will be a gathering place for people who attend the camp. The new facility has a large fire pit and is built with stone bricks, many of which were purchased by the campers’ parents.

“It is going to be interactive,” said Michele Burger, chair of the Camp Judaea capital campaign. “There will be performances and plays.”
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Amphitheater Update 4!

Thank you to all of our generous donors that have made this dream a reality. The Amphitheater is ready for all of the campers and staff members to use this summer. As we speak, the site is being used by our staff during training week. We have decided that Friday night services will now be held at the Amphitheater.