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All We Wanted For Hanukkah: The Levy Family

The night after the Atlanta Alumni meeting, I told Andy, Noa, and Sadie about Aaron and the rest of the Ft. Bragg kids.  I was so touched by this child’s enthusiasm and willingness to work for what he wanted.  I was also overwhelmed by all of the things he gave up to work for the money for camp.  I know that he had so many choices, he took the choice with the most work. We were also talking about Hannukah and what might be on their “wish” list for gifts.  Neither of the girls could come up with more than one thing they really wanted.  As a family we agreed that we are blessed.  We have a nice house, cars, dog, private school, gymnastics….  The girls, Andy and I really do not need anything else.  We did not want to spend money and buy gifts just for the sake of doing so.  We all decided that this year we, as a family, would “pay it forward”.  Being a CJ kid myself, and loving camp the way I do, I asked the kids if we could take the money that we would have spent on stupid stuff and send it for the camp “military” fund and make sure these kids get to camp.  It was really a no-brainer for the girls.  They were so happy to be adding to the fund.  They were so excited to know that they were helping change the world a little bit.  Andy and I were so proud.  There was no whining, complaining, arguing.  It was a simple, “yes” from both girls.  After we sent the check to the office, I sat down and wrote a letter to Aaron’s mom.  I wanted her to know that her son’s actions had made their way into the Levy house.  I told her what we had done as a family and as members of the CJ family.  As a mom, I was so proud of the young man that she was raising and as a CJ person, I was so proud that he chose MY camp!  She wrote me back, it was the nicest, sweetest letter.  When I read the thank you note to Andy and the kids, we all agreed that we had made a wonderful decision.

We also asked the Grandparents and family friends to donate in the girls honor instead of gifts.  It was a wonderful response.  Our family and friends were thrilled to know that instead of wondering what to get the kids, they could make a donation to a place that is so important to them.  The girls got the donation letters from CJ and were as proud as peacocks!  They know that they are part of something wonderful.

Noa & Sadie with CJ Staff

This has been a lesson for all of us.

Alane Levy                                 Noa Levy                  Sadie Levy
Camper: 1982-85                     Camper: 2010-        Camper: 2010-

There’s Just Nothing Else Like Camp: Ari Kurtz

I give to the CJ Scholarship fund because I want to help provide for others what CJ provided for me: an opportunity — unmatched by any other — to develop enduring and meaningful lifelong friendships; an environment that nurtures social and leadership skills that contribute to a camper’s future personal and professional success; and a setting that makes education so much fun that children don’t even realize they’re learning. I give to the CJ scholarship fund because there’s just nothing else like camp, and every child deserves to have that experience.

Ari with the Merazkim-2001

Ari Kurtz
Camper: 1984-1989
Staff: 1990-1998
Camp Director: 1999-2002

CJ For You and Me: Edria Ragosin

“People don’t care how much you know…they just need to know you care”

This quote is most important to me. And it is why I am involved with Camp Judaea. I care about the Jewish people; I do not care about the nature of people’s observances, I just want our people to survive. We have come so far and survived so many trials and tribulations. Our message to the world is one of survival and one of living in a moral and ethical way. Learning occurs most when you least expect it. A CJ experience will provide our children with the tools they need for living a moral and ethical life, for appreciating their religious history, and they will ”learn” all this in an atmosphere of fun and friendship.

We did not have the financial means to send our children to Jewish camp; there were no scholarships to help. It is deeply important to me to contribute to the CJ scholarship fund so that other parents are not forced to keep their children at home. So that others do not see any of their children walk away from Judaism. I CARE DEEPLY and hope you all will join me in contributing to the CJ scholarship fund for the future of our children and Judaism.

The Future of Camp Judaea

Edria Ragosin
Secretary, CJ Camp Committee

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