Monthly Archives: March 2011

Why I Give to Camp Judaea

I give to Camp Judaea because it feels good. I spent over a dozen years at CJ, and made some of the greatest friends of my life. I recently attended the wedding of my year course and stucco roommate (Holly Gelfand) to my former counselor and camp director (Ari Kurtz). I was reminded again and again that weekend of what makes CJ special, the bonds we create that make it feel like no time has passed when you reunite with your friends. 
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Janet’s Shabbat Story

One of the long-standing Shabbat traditions at Camp Judaea is for our Director to share a short story with campers each week before Erev Shabbat dinner. It’s a chance to reflect together as a community and set a peaceful tone as we welcome our Shabbat peace.
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