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Passover greetings! Chag Sameach from our Board Chair, Michele Burger

To my Camp Judaea Family,
Passover, a festival holiday that calls for early and elaborate preparations to make our Jewish homes fitting for this holiday. 
The Passover story has more meaning than commemorating the biblical exodus when the Hebrew slaves were released from bondage in Egypt.
For me, Passover is about family and friends convening to celebrate tradition. It’s a fun holiday and one that is sacred to many. It’s about lots of special food and meaningful time with people I care about. Passover is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays in the world and I believe it’s because of it’s personal meaning to many.
As you enjoy the celebration of freedom, I hope you will taste the “freedom” a child has when given the opportunity to attend Camp Judaea. Similar to how we “unplug” for the holiday, children “unplug” for the summer. Like me, I know you will enjoy the holiday by embracing the seder and eating family style. For many, Camp Judaea is the best opportunity in a child’s life to eat “family style” three meals a day for almost a month and embrace the importance of being part of something much bigger. Like Passover, Camp Judaea is unique and memorable and it has an array of tastes and smells. Camp is fresh and sweet like charoset. 
Recounting the Exodus story at your Seder is a profound experience with a lot of fun, just ask every child who gets to skip school or stay up way past his or her bedtime and interrupt the Seder with lots of questions. For me, it reminds us how significant Camp Judaea is to our families.
Wishing you and yours a very sweet Chag.
All the best,
Michele Burger