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We Invite You To View Our 2015 Impact Report

In our 2015 Impact Report, you will see Camp Judaea’s many accomplishments and read our glowing parent reviews. The success, enthusiasm, and support of 2015 carried over into our recently completed 2016 summer season, during which we had a record-breaking 625 campers enrolled.  Enrollment for summer 2017 is now underway with over 350 campers already enrolled, an 85% increase over enrollment at this time last year!revos and friend

As you can see, Camp Judaea is doing important and meaningful work. While the feedback in the Impact Report reflects our recent achievements, we strive to continuously improve and ensure the best possible experience for our campers and staff each summer. Currently, we are focusing on enhancements to our facilities to strengthen and accommodate our overall program.

We just began construction on a brand new Chadar Ochel (dining hall) to be completed in time for next summer.  Larger than the Burger Family Chadar Ochel which stood before it, this new dining hall will allow us to dine together more comfortably as a single community.  Shira b’chadar will be more epic than ever with plenty of space to sing and dance to “Im Tirtzu” and “Lo Yisa Goy.”

010Our future plans include building a new Mercaz Omanut (Arts Center) where campers can experience Israel and Judaism through various media– some molding their Jewish identities with clay, others tying tzitzit on a silk tallis they designed and painted.  A new Mercaz Omanut will create endless possibilities for Jewish and Israeli art exploration.

Adding five new cabins will provide opportunities for more campers to attend camp.  This second cabin village will surround an open field perfect for games, sports, and activities, encouraging campers who live in these cabins to play and socialize together.

bikkurim.6.30-1488When we built a new pool in 2015, we knew we’d eventually need new bathrooms and changing areas.  The coming Bathhouse will include a shelter for campers who seek shade, more bathrooms and changing stalls to allow more swim time (and less wait time), and the aquatics staff will have proper storage and training space for their programs.

Last but not least, an expanded Zwerner Family Beit Knesset (Synagogue) will provide enough covered bench seating for all of our campers, staff, and guests to come together to pray as one Camp Judaea family.  Whether for morning tefilah, Kabbalat Shabbat, or special events such as B’nai Mitzvot, we will all be able to gather in comfort.

These plans all support what Camp Judaea does best: creates a community full of joy and laughter where campers strengthen their connections to Israel and lengthen their Jewish roots.

We look forward to sharing more information with you regarding our upcoming Annual Scholarship Appeal and to keeping you updated as we move forward in the process of planning for the new capital projects described above.

Thank you for your continued support to Camp Judaea.

Camp Judaea 2015 Impact Report

Second Session Wrap Up

By now, our second session campers and most of our staff members have been reunited with their families and are moving on to the next phase of their summer vacations. We know our second session parents are dying to know every exciting detail about your child’s month here at CJ. One of the biggest complaints that we get is that when parents ask their children how camp was, they respond with a grunt— “good”— before passing out and sleeping for the next day and a half. Here are a few questions and topics to bring up to help combat the CJ Blues and get your campers talking…and we know they can talk!

How many times did you go down the zip-line? Climb the tower?
What was your favorite meal?
Who was your bunkmate?
Where did you go on your day trip?
Which chuggim (electives) did you choose?
What did you learn during Bikkurim?
Ask them to teach you their favorite cheers.
What was your favorite Midah (Jewish value) that we learned?
Ask them to sing one of the songs they learned in shira (the singing activity) with you.
What was their funniest moment at camp?

We hope this gets the conversation flowing for you! If your camper has extra cute or funny responses, we’d love to hear them! Email Elana:

Opening Day Pamphlet

For all of you who came through the gates on Opening Day, you were given a packet of information about the many exciting things that we are doing here at Camp Judaea. In addition to the new Chadar Ochel that will be in place next year (all of your campers were so excited to hear about it!), in the years to come we will be building a new Cabin Village, a new Arts Center, adding a teaching and sports pool as a part of our Aquatics Center, and expanding our Beit Knesset to make sure all of our campers can have enough room to worship everyday. Please look through the Opening Day Pamphlet and feel free to contact Matt Gross at with any questions.

Summer 2017

We are happy to announce that early enrollment for Summer 2017 is now OPEN. We invite you to apply and enroll early before spaces fill up! The Early Bird Discount applies to those who enroll before 10/01/16.

Dates and Fees for 2017 can be viewed on our website under the Current Families tab. Scroll down below the 2016 dates and you will see next year’s information. Applications for enrollment can be filled out through your CampInTouch account on our website. Click HERE to enroll your camper today!

Final Episode of CJ News

We also hope you’ll share the weekly CJ News videos with your campers, as they have not had the chance to see the finished products while here at Camp. All of the videos from first and second session are located in this folder on our Vimeo Channel. The final video of Second Session is attached below!

Thank you to EVERYONE for an amazing summer season!  We are already missing our chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff).  Hope to see you all next summer at Camp Judaea!  Shabbat Shalom!


CAMP JUDAEA NEWS 2016 – WEEK 8 from Camp Judaea on Vimeo.